Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: A Guide on How to be the Worst Parent Ever

So I happen to LOVE Pretty Little Liars! I love the television show. I am currently reading the books, and I love those too. There are obviously some differences between the books and the show, of which the main thing that I have noticed is between the parents on the show and the parents in the books.

Now I don't know if the show executives just realized that you cannot have parents that are ridiculously neglective, and just horrible. Here are the things I have noticed wrong with the parents of Pretty Little Liars in the books. Be aware, there may be spoilers and you may get mad at just how stupid these parents are.

Hanna's Parents:
-Mom: I actually don't really have anything wrong with her mom in the show or in the books. She does kind of kick Hanna out of the house, but only for a few moments so that Hanna can understand that it was not okay what she did. Yes, it is awkward that she dates the cop, but she does it for Hanna, which I feel is very motherly.
-Dad: Where to start with the Dad?? Umm.....I ABSOLUTELY HATE him. I don't particularly like him in the show, but he is not around nearly as much as he is in the books. Now I do not understand why any parent would think that two step-sisters have to love each other and actually consider themselves family. Now, if they were half-sisters, that is understandable. Then at least they would share a parent. Forcing two people who do NOT like each other to spend all of their time with each other is NOT going to make them like each other. It is going to make them HATE each other even more. DUHHH! Also, he absolutely does not recognize how hard Hanna is taking everything. She lost her best friend, who tried to KILL her, and then ended up dead herself, and Ali's body was found, AND someone (who she finds out is her best friend) is stalking her and sending her threatening notes. I just don't understand how he is do dumb about his own daughter.

Aria's Parents:
-Mom: Who in their freaking mind is going to blame their child for keeping a secret about their father having an affair. All a child wants is their parents to be happy and together. It also does not help that her father ASKED her to keep it a secret. That is not something that you blame your child for. That is something that you blame your creep of a husband for and burn all of his things. And when your daughter tells you about how she tried to defend your honor, you do NOT kick her out of the damn house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, do not date creepy guys who are hitting on your daughter behind your back.
-Dad: Don't cheat on your wife and make your daughter cover it up for you. Also do not get your former student pregnant. That's about it.

Emily's Parents:
-Mom: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SEND YOUR DAUGHTER AWAY IF SHE SAYS/YOU FIND OUT SHE IS GAY. Your child is your child. You should accept them no matter what. I do not care what you personally believe. Also do not put your daughter into a specific niche if they do say they are gay. They are still themselves, they just happen to like people of their own sex.
-Dad: Pretty much the same things. Seriously though, just because she is gay, does not automatically mean that she likes tea like every other lesbian or that she loves a show about gay women. Grow up people.

Spencer's Parents:
-Dad: Don't let your wife push you and your whole family around. Be a man for god's sake.
Now the mom...
-Mom: I can not say enough things about how much I hate this woman. I really can't. I HATE her. She absolutely shows favor to her older daughter. She disowns and ignores Spencer. They cut her off financially. They do not allow her any type of excuse or possibility of anything that would look bad on them. She blames Spencer for someone painting horrible words on their house. They ignore her when she is in the house. They do not invite her out to dinner with the rest of the family. They purposefully shut her out when her grandmother suddenly does not acknowledge Spencer in the will. When Spencer gets caught kissing Wren, they completely shun her and remove her from the barn. They TELL her to cheat to win the Golden Orchid Essay contest, and then when she tells the truth they pretend to be shocked and punish her quite severely. I can go on and on. Pretty much everything that this woman does is to put Spencer down and to honor Melissa. Which is just wrong.

So there you go. If you want to be the most horrible parent that you possibly can, then you should definitely do everything that these parents have done to their daughters who have had really hard times. What are some of your opinions on the Pretty Little Liars books vs the show??

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