Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 16. I will never read you!!

Day 16 of the 30 Day Book Challenge wonders about which books you would never, ever read.

I actually had a hard time trying to think about which book I could say I will never read. I don't want to commit to never reading anything, because you never know. I just don't even think about books that I'm not interested in usually. Why think of them if I'm not going to read them??

I could only come up with one book that I never, ever plan on reading. (Though reading this book would help me out with the Tea Book Challenge!)

That book is War and Peace. Thank goodness that I never had a literature class that made me read this book!!! If you don't know, War and Peace just so happens to be 1392 pages. Yep. You read that right. Don't get me wrong, I can do it. I read all three Lord of the Rings books. Over 1400 pages. (I had the version with them all together). I just never want to read this book.

I have seen the movie. It had Audrey Hepburn in it, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to watch. I'm kind of obsessed with her. No big. So I DO know what the book is about, and I would fall asleep after trying to read a page. Of this I am 100% sure. I'm sorry, but it is just not something that grabs my attention! I understand that this is a classic novel and people rave about it in the academic literary world, but it is just not my cup of tea.

Another good reason not to read it, Leo Tolstoy. He is the author, if you were not aware. I did not even like The Death of Ivan Ilych. I did not really like it, or get it. If I don't like your book that is only 88 pages, how on earth do you think I am going to like your 1392 page book?? I would probably go looking for a cliff to jump off of. (Just being a drama queen! I promise I won't jump off a cliff. I'm afraid of heights!)

So there it is. The book that will never be on my shelf to read. What book do you know that you will never read?

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