Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 21 That's Disturbing...

30 Day Book Challenge still going strong. Today is all about a book that I've read and found disturbing.

There was immediately one book that came to my mind.

The Lucifer Effect by Phillip Zombardo.

Now, I have yet to finish this book, but that is mainly because the book was kind of disturbing. If you do not know, this book is about how people are capable of doing horrible things like genocide.

The book includes details about the Abu Ghraib situation in the Middle East, genocide in Africa, as well as the Stanford Prison Experiment that Zombardo was in charge of in the 1970's.

This book delves into the fact that we are capable of horrible things, even if we are otherwise good people.

Have you read this book? What book was disturbing for you to read?

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