Monday, August 13, 2012

Late Post! Day 12 My Favorite Authors

Day 12 of the 30 Day Book Challenge is all about my favorite authors. These are the authors that I will read pretty much anything by, and more than likely love.

1. Jane Austen. I don't care how over-loved some people think Jane Austen might be. I love everything Jane Austen. The only problem is reading and watching all of it! You wouldn't believe how many Austen-based books there are! And then there are at least two different film adaptations for each of her books, and even film adaptations of some of the books based on Austen! It is an obsession for me.

2. Steve Berry. I just love every one of his books. I don't know how he comes up with all of the amazing quests that his main characters go on. And all of that historical information and all the different places that they visit throughout the world. I just can't get enough.

3. Stephanie Bond. I'll admit, I started reading her books because that would be my name if I was married to James Bond. Silly, I know, but I found a really good author from that bit of silliness. I love her romance novels :) Especially the ones that involve murder mystery.

These are my main favorite authors that I read all the time and even put forth the effort to own most books by each author!

What are your favorite authors? Are they ones that you just HAVE to own all of the books of??

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