Friday, August 3, 2012

Library Haulin from the School Library

So I am in my home away from home for the weekend. I go to college a couple hours away from home and since I am going to be moving back in a few weeks anyways, I figured why not see if they library is open and get some stuff! (Even though I have 5 more books ordered for the library at home...)

So here is what I got!!!

I was perusing the Browsing section, since it is a college library it is mainly for academic books, but they do get browsing books as well, and then I came across the non-fiction browsing. Now, I am not the most avid memoir/biography reader, though I have read a few, but these just totally stuck out to me!!

I LOVE books written by comedians, well I love the Chelsea Handler books anyways!! I saw the title, and just automatically grabbed. Who doesn't feel like this sometimes? 24 pages in...I think I might just have to look up her comedy and totally, like, stalk her. Because she's awesome!
For a Women's Studies class that I took last semester we had to read a lot of memoirs, especially ones about mother-daughter relationships stuck with me. I'm a momma's girl. Don't hate. And I just happen to love Diane Keaton, I think she is a gorgeously unique person, so I picked it up too :)

Then, I decided I needed the Criminal Minds Season 2. I only one season 1, so yea.

Have you gotten any good library finds lately??

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