Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 11 Worst Film Adaptations!

Day 10 of the 30 Day Book Challenge is all about the worst film adaptations that I have ever seen. This is actually really hard because if you have seen any film adaptations of books, then you know that many of them are just terrible. Here are my three least favorite book adaptations to film.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun. If you have seen this movie, then you are probably wondering why it is on this list. Unless you have read the book too. I happen to LOVE this movie! I knew that it was based off of a book, but until recently, I had never read it. This book is NOTHING like the movie. Seriously. Where on earth did they get all that stuff from that book? About the only things that are the same are the Polish workers and the work on the house. Everything else is just a good film writer and not part of the book. The only thing that even made me like the book was the descriptions of the food and the recipes. But I still love the movie! It is just a terrible adaptation.

2. Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kiera Knightly). I know what you're thinking. Why is this on here when she had one version on her favorite list?? Because this is one of the worst versions of this classic book that I have seen. (the black and white one isn't really great either) They left SO much out! There is a reason for the good versions being mini-series. Because you HAVE TO to put everything in there! I do like the little bit they added at the very end with what he should call her because I think it is just adorable, but the movie just really disappointed me.

3. Ella Enchanted. I love Anne Hathaway, but I'm sorry, the movie was just not what it should have been. There are no giants in the movie. There is no plot to kill her prince. I just think that they made something about the strength that Ella gains for herself into a side show musical :( I read this book like 10 times when I was younger, and I was just disappointed in the movie.

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