Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 10 Five Absolutely Great Film Adaptations

Day 10 of the 30 Day Book Challenge is all about Great Film Adaptations. This is a very difficult subject for many book lovers. Movie adaptations are a very touchy subject for many book lovers, especially since MANY movie adaptations are horrible. To find 5, I thought I would have a problem, but actually I didn't :)

1. Pride and Prejudice (The BBC Version with Colin Firth) I had to be specific about the version of Pride and Prejudice because there are about 6 versions of Pride and Prejudice, and some of the other ones are NOT true to the book. There is barely a word changed or a sentence missing or added in this version. It is true to the book in the best possible way. Also, it has a handsome young Colin Firth in a wet shirt. Seriously, WATCH IT!

2. In Her Shoes. This one does have a few differences from the book, but it does not detract from the real meaning of the book. It focused on the sisters and their relationship, which is the heart of the book and I think that they did a wonderful job on the movie. I definitely recommend them both!

3. Lord of the Rings. I am putting all three together because otherwise they would be almost the whole list! Peter Jackson did a wonderful job at giving the Lord of the Rings the film adaptation that the epic deserved. The really are a different world and they are a beautiful world too.

4. Harry Potter. Now, obviously not ALL of the Harry Potter films are great adaptations. Just talk to any HP fan and you will quickly find that out. The two that stick out to me the most as the best adaptations are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Oder of the Phoenix. These two really captured each of the books for me. I was just as excited as Harry at first going to Hogwarts and I was just as angry at the situations that happened in the Order of the Phoenix.

5. Bridget Jones's Diary. I actually think that the movie surpasses the book in this one. The book was funny and relatable, but the movie was even more so! They did a wonderful job picking the actors and I think they really got the neuroses of Bridget very well. :)

These are my favorite film adaptations. Are there movie adaptations that you were like, "Yes! They got it right!" about??

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