Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Library Haulin' It!!!

So I just picked up a BUNCH of books from my local library, well kind of from there haha. I am really lucky in that my library is connected to all of the libraries in my county and two or three other surrounding counties. It is REALLY nice because even if I don't have a book available at the library in my town, it is more than likely available at one nearby. This also makes it so that there are more copies of popular books available!

I really think that people underestimate how helpful and convenient a library really is in this day and age!

I just go on to a website that is my connection to my library system and I order every book that I want on there and then I go and pick them up when my library calls me that they are ready. This is especially handy because I cannot seem to find ANYTHING when looking on the shelf at the library in my home town.

Here are the books that I have out from the library right now!



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