Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Study in Sherlock: A Review

I've always loved Sherlock Holmes. Anything Sherlock Holmes. Seriously.

My first memory of Sherlock Holmes is probably while watching The Great Mouse Detective. If you have not watched this movie, crawl out from under your rock and go watch it. Now. Seriously. It's Disney. It's based off of Sherlock Holmes and there's cute talking animals.

The second memory would probably be of a book that my mom had, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I always wanted to read it, and by the time I took it down, my younger brothers had ripped pages out and colored in it with crayons T_T

From there, I watched everything I could on Sherlock Holmes to fill the void of sadness. I even watched some of the black and white movies. I especially love the 1980's BBC show and obviously, I love the new Sherlock, duh!

Just recently, I read A Study In Scarlet, the very first novel introducing Sherlock and Watson and the beginning of their adventures.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 Stars. :)

I loved it! It was really nice to read the introduction between Watson and Sherlock. You really get a sense of awe that Watson has for Sherlock, which I kind of hope doesn't stay. I like it for the first novel, because he does seem so beyond comprehension with his abilities. I can't wait to read more :) I have read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes before, and now I have all of the other works besides The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes. It was not included in the ebook compilation that I bought because of apparent copyright issues in the US. 

Have you read any Sherlock Holmes? Do you love it? Have you seen any of the shows? How amazing is Benedict Cumberbatch?!

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