Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Haul!!!!

Okay, I totally did not plan buying so many books today...

Yesterday I decided I was going to go to Goodwill today because books there are ridiculously cheap and I have been binge watching booktube videos since yesterday. I've been finding so many new good channels and I've been watching hauls, and yea, I just really wanted to buy books. Hardcovers are $1.79 at my Goodwill. Paperbacks are $0.89. Yea. You can see why I had to go.

Then, I was just looking around on Amazon and making a wish list and then all of a sudden I found some ridiculously cheap kindle books, and I just couldn't help myself....

My books from Goodwill:

Bottom to top: The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern : Literally caught my eye. Most beautiful book cover I've ever seen.
The Other Side and Back by Sylvia Browne : I just freaking lover her and all of her books so I jumped right on this.
Insight: Case Files from the Psychic World by Sylvia Browne : Same reason as the previous book.
Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin : Saw the movie. Decided to get the book. Why not?
The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler : Ummm, did anyone else see Jane Austen in the title?? Yea. So did I. I've actually read this before and seen the movie. But still. Needed it on my shelf. And it's really cute.
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks : Don't have it. Love Nicholas Sparks. Love the movie. Needed it.
The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry : Now that I have this, I only need 5 more Steve Berry books. Including the ebook only books. Yea I have a need for them. A NEED!!! 

And now my Kindle books :)

OMG. So excited. If you haven't heard of Steelheart. Go look it up. Go read the synopsis. And then Go get it. I know you will. 
Next, Beautiful Ruins. I've seen this book everywhere. Library. Book websites. Everyone seems to recommend it. It was cheap and I am interested in reading it, so yea I got it.
And finally, The Last Heiress. I have an Egyptian passion. I should be more specific, an Ancient Egyptian passion. Everything. The pantheon. The pharaohs. Yea. I needed this in my life. It's about Tut's wife. Yup. Yup. Had to get.

I can't wait to dive into these books. Especially my kindle books because I actually have not read a single ebook since I got my nook tablet. What's wrong with me???

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